chromatixa wrote in fursuit

Faux fur from yarn [HELP]

I saw this video tutorial and was wondering if this technique would be possible for making a sheet of faux "fur"
I'm planning to make a partial/mini partial, so I definitely don't need a whole load of fur. My fursona has six colors, mostly different shades of brown/burgundy so I really don't want to buy six different colors of fur and drop $80+ on it.

I'm thinking about getting mesh fabric to loop the yarn through and create a sheet of fur. Has anyone done this? I've looked everywhere but haven't seen a solid answer. My only fear is shaving the yarn down for the fursuit head and messing it up (I've seen no one shave down yarn fur).

I've heard that it is washable. The last thing I want to do is buy a buttload of fur in different colors when I only need a little bit of each color. If yarn fur isn't a good method, what other options do you guys think I could use? Buying white fur and dyeing/painting it was another one of my options but the color easily washes out of synthetic fibers.


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