Denali Lobita (growly) wrote in fursuit,
Denali Lobita

I worked literally all day, and I'm VERY, VERY close to finishing.

I'm pretty much done with the body suit. The crotch is a little low and the neck hole is too big, and it was generally poorly made, but I'm still pretty proud of it. This comes from someone who doesn't know how to sew, and who made her first suit by hotgluing fur to clothes. xD

Here's the back of the suit. My tail looks really low for some reason... huh. Prolly has to do with the weird low crotch issues. Oh well. :P I tried to sew the tail well, in case I come across any tail pullers.

The mask needs a spot of work, as you can see my neck between the fur flaps. My mom also says that the fur flap in front in distracting. I think I'll pink the flap and attach it to the suit with velcro. *makes a note to go to JoAnn's tomorrow*

<IMG SRC="" This side isn't as bad, but still needs fixing.

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