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Plastic bowl eyes tutorial

I was asked by diadexxus to complete a tutorial for plastic bowl eyes, since they are something you guys would like to use in the construction of your heads. :) I've taken pictures of each step involved and described what each part entails. Feel free to ask any questions if anything is unclear.

1. Draw out a template on paper of how you would like the eyes to look once finished. I usually color my templates and hold them up to the head to make sure they are the correct size and desired shape. You will often make several test sets of eyes before a pair really appeals to you and suits the head.

2. Cut out the pupil. You will need the template in order to make the actual plastic bowl eyes.

3. Trace the template onto the plastic bowl with a marker. I prefer to use sharpies, but any marker will do as long as it marks the bowl so you can see where to cut.

4. After you have traced a pair of eyes onto the plastic bowl, cut the eyes out with scissors. (Generally the sharper the better.) Be careful especially when cutting out the area for the pupil/iris, being steady and taking your time is a must.

5. If the edges of the eye are not smooth after cutting, a dremel can be used to remedy this.

6. Secure a mesh material to the pupil area. I prefer to use buckrum, which is always white in color and must be painted. Chiffon is another option that works well and doesn't require paint.

7. If you used buckrum, you now must paint the eyes. Fabric paint pens work the best for this. You're now ready to install the eyes into the head.

8. Once the eyes have been put into the head, eyelids and brows help give character to the head. Experiment with the shapes of the lids/brows.
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